Bucks Lacrosse Information for 2014



The "Bucks" will have five (5) summer teams made up of players who will graduate high school between 2015 (current 11th graders) and 2020 (current 6th graders).  Teams will be grouped by high school graduation year and will receive the best coaching available from all of the Fairfield Lacrosse coaching staff.  At least two members of the staff will be at each practice and players will receive individual, small group, and team instruction as part of every practice.  Practices will be run consistent with the Fairfield Lacrosse practice template and will be fast paced, competitive, and designed to help players improve and elevate their game.                                                                   

If you're interested in experiencing lacrosse as a Division 1 player, with Division 1 coaching staff, at a Division 1 school, "Bucks Lacrosse" is a great opportunity to experience what it is like to be a member of the Fairfield Lacrosse program.



Wednesday, June 4, 2014 from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm in the Fairfield University Men's Lacrosse Locker Room in the Walsh Athletic Center on the campus of Fairfield University.  Walsh is the building located next to Alumni Field and you will be able to follow signs to the Men's Lacrosse Locker Room.

We will be collecting final payments and distributing all apparel so that the first practice for each team will be more efficient and free of paperwork.



Practices will be held on the campus of Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT and will be announced during March, 2014.  Practices will be for 2 hours per team and will begin after 4 pm and will conclude by 9 pm.  We are waiting on Fairfield University Facilities Department in order to schedule exact times for each team.  The tentative 2014 Practice and Tournament Schedules are below:

1. Week of June 16th (2 practices per team)

2. Week of June 23rd (2 practices per team)

3. Week of June 30th (2 practices per team)

4. Week of July 7th (1 practice per team)

5. Week of July 14th (1 practice per team)

Team Voucas -- Scrimmage at Fairfield Country Day School on July 16th, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

6. TENTATIVE: August 2 and 3 ("Fairfield Prospect Day" Camps)



Brian DePodesta, Fairfield Warde

Tom Cunningham, Fairfield Warde

Dan Lawrence, SUNY-Maritime, Head Coach

Brian Fried, St. Joseph's (Trumbull)

Mike Voucas, Fairfield Warde




DePodesta and Cummingham Teams

1. Scarlet Knights Summer Shootout (July 5-6, 2014) -- http://www.division1experience.com/Division1Experience/Summer_Shootout_Rutgers.html

2. Tri - State Invitational (July 11 - 13, 2014) -- http://www.trilax.com/Tournaments/index.php?tournament_id=39

3. Sound Lacrosse Tournament (July 19 - 20, 2014) -- www.soundlacrossecamps.com


Lawrence, Fried, and Voucas Teams

1. Wesleyan Tournament (June 21 - 22, 2014)

2. Voucas TEAM -- MVP Blue Hen First State Youth Tournament (June 28-29, 2014) -- http://www.mvplaxcamps.com/events.php?event=16

2. Lawrence and Fried -- Scarlet Knights Summer Shootout (July 5-6, 2014) -- http://www.division1experience.com/Division1Experience/Summer_Shootout_Rutgers.html

There will be a 3 way scrimmage for each team the week of July 7 or July 14, 2014.

3. Sound Lacrosse Tournament (July 19 - 20, 2013) -- www.soundlacrossecamps.com

NOTE: DePodesta, Cunningham, Lawrence, and Fried teams will also play at a Fairfield University Prospect Day during the summer, once dates are announced.




Cost for Summer, 2014 is $1275.

Fees do NOT include hotel or transportation costs to and from tournaments.  Our tournament selection is designed to minimize peripheral costs and maximize your lacrosse experience.


Two pair of shorts (with pockets), reversible, short sleeve shooting shirt, and a long sleeve shooting shirt are included in the apparel package.


If you have any questions about the "Bucks Lacrosse" program, please feel free to email Andrew Whitley at awhitley@fairfield.edu.


Refund Policy:

We have a strict "No-Refund" policy for all of our camps and programs.  The only exception is for a player who is injured and cannot fully participate in the camp or program.  The player must submit a note from their doctor to Sound Lacrosse Camps, LLC for us to consider a refund (less an administrative fee).  The request must be submitted to Sound Lacrosse Camps, LLC in writing no less than 24 hours BEFORE the start of the camp or program to receive consideration.


Helpful Downloads:


Sound Lacrosse Tournament Waiver (ALL TEAMS)

MVP Tournament Waiver (TEAM VOUCAS ONLY)


Scarlet Knights Summer Shootout Waiver (TEAM DEPODESTA, CUNNINGHAM, LAWRENCE, and FRIED)