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Our daughters were lukewarm about the sport of lacrosse until they joined Sound Lacrosse.  Now, our daughters LOVE to play lacrosse.  Caitlin, Tara, and their impressive coaching staff are directly responsible for our daughters developing an insatiable passion for the game.  This is all that really matters to us as parents!
However, as a former D1 lacrosse player, an added benefit to joining Sound Lacrosse is that this program has quickly become nationally recognized by dozens of college coaches. Sound Lacrosse is a real recruiting platform for the sport's future collegiate players. 
- 2021 & 2022 Parent

The SoundCrosse program has been an excellent steward of our three daughters' lacrosse experience. The coaching is top-notch with an emphasis on technical development, skill and playing with smart lacrosse IQ. They learn not only from their coaches but also from their talented teammates. The girls are inspired to realize their potential and play their personal best. The SoundCrosse teams play in well-regarded tournaments in highly competitive brackets. The collegiate recruiting guidance, support and roadmapping have been exceptional. Caitlin Copelan is proficient in helping to navigate the cluttered environment of camp and showcase opportunities. The girls have thoroughly enjoyed playing for their SoundCrosse teams and coaches!

- 2019, 2021, 2023 Parent

My daughter was a proud founding member of Sound.  She was very well coached, made amazing friends and very strong relationships with her coaches who handled her recruiting process.  Being a new program and beating the top teams all over the country was a special experience.  All of the parents support each other’s children  and that is not always the case with some programs.  We didn’t feel like customers of the program we felt like family.  In the end she found the perfect school to continue playing when she gets to college in 2 years.

- 2018 Parent

My daughter just finished up a fantastic summer of lacrosse with Coach Young. Her team played against top competition from all the girls lax hot beds. Namely; Long Island, Maryland and Virginia. Coach Young was a great leader and my daughter loved the comradery, the fun at the hotels and the trips with her teammates in dads car. I highly recommend Soundcrosse and Coach Young.

- 2021 Parent

SoundCrosse has been a fantastic experience for our daughter and our family.  As a former Division 1 and professional athlete I can tell you this is high level coaching. They use every opportunity to teach the girls about technique, strategy, purpose and how to manage games.  They have also been great role models.  Our team plays in strong tournaments in the highest brackets in front of a lot of college coaches. Many of the girls are now committed to the colleges of their dreams and they will be well prepared when they arrive.  We wouldn't change a thing

-2018 Parent

Our daughter has had a great lacrosse experience this past fall and summer! She grew as a player, loved her coaches and really enjoyed being with her teammates. This is a great program and we are looking forward to continuing with Sound!

- 2021 parent

As a former D1 athlete, I truly value the expert guidance the SoundCrosse coaches give my daughter about competition, confidence and balance on and off the lacrosse field. Thanks for your time and commitment to our girls!

- 2020 Parent

Our whole family had so much fun. Hard to believe the season has come and gone ! My husband and I were both collegiate athletes and are very involved in the town youth programs in multiple sports, and we both recognize great coaching when we see it. Coach Copelan and Coach Clough are fantastic and we are so excited to continue to be a part of the sound program

- 2022, 2024, 2025 parent